Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Super site of exercises created with HotPotatoes

Hello Group,
Once someone was looking for Hot Potatoe´s site. I
can´t remmember who, so here I share a great website.
Diana's Place for Hot Potatoes
Camila Sousa

Dear Camila,
I first thought you were talking about Hot Potatoes but it´s something else. The movie activities are really good. Great hint!
anamaria :)

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Moodle platform perfectly works for Hot Potatoes

Dear Nelba,

I'd like to inform you and our LwCers that I have managed to create Hot Potatoes exercises in Moodle platform. Here are the series of quizzes connected together in the Moodle. http://www.study-online.net/moodle/mod/hotpot/view.php?id=144 ( I think you can easily get through to it. Password and registering aren't required. Though, try it and let me know if it works for everyone without authorization)
It happens that the Moodle developers have added the new function 'Hot potatoes' to the new version of the platform. It is easy now to create Hot Potatoes quizzes and put them right onto the site with Moodle platform. They offer lots of new opportunities within it. I love to use it for students' autonomous learning very much. This module, the "HotPot" module, allows teachers to administer Hot Potatoes quizzes via Moodle. The quizzes are created on the teacher's computer and then uploaded to the Moodle course.
After students have attempted the quizzes, a number of reports are available which show how individual questions were answered and some statistical trends in the scores.

If you like to take a look at my courses at Moodle platform, you are welcome at http://www.study-online.net/moodle/ Though, you will be asked to register and you will need a key word to enter any of the courses but Nelba's Adults 5 It is still under construction. If you like to take a look at them ask me for the key privately. The Hot Potatoes quizzes have been put in the course English for Adult Beginners.
Your comments are more than appreciated. ;-)

Nina Lyulkun

Monday, 18 June 2007

Editing source files

Hello, I received this e-mail from the hotpot group:
"I opened the htm file with "dreamweaver" and I saw the> different code of the colours for the navigation bar. But is> possible to edit the CSS file navigation bar for all the potatoes? I> mean, can I make only a change for all the potatoes, without editing> every htm file?"
"Yes, you can do this, by editing the source files. Here are a couple of tutorials which will get you started:<http://hotpot. uvic.ca/howto/ editsource. htm>
<http://hotpot. uvic.ca/howto/ hacking_workshop /index.htm>"

Posted by: "Martin Holmes" mholmes@halfbakedsoftware.com

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Dear Nelba,

I have tried to follow Fernanda's instruction to embed a Hot Pot exercise in Motime blog and succeeded for the first time, but then it was unable to manage with the different exercises. Take a look at my Motime blog.

The second advice is the best:
"Anyway, I would say this is not practical. The best way is to get a server and upload your files there.You can also upload your file and then create a link to it, instead of embedding it in the blog: Write - add file -upload. Then select the file and the blog will create a link to it.Tell me if you succeeded! Beijinhos, Fernanda."

Thank you both, Nelba and Fernanda.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

embedding or linking to?

Fernanda Rodrigues told me how to embed a Hot Potatoes exercise in motime blogs:

"Hi, Nelba.This is what I did:In the admin panel, I chose Write. Then in the menu icons I chose Source. I copied the code of my hotpot exercise. Attention: you have to remove the code before "tiltle" and in the end the 2 last lines: body htm . Then save it and preview. If it looks ok, publish it." (In order to publish this paragraph I had to change the code. If you want the right message
, contact me at: nelbaq@yahoo.com.ar)

"Anyway, I would say this is not practical. The best way is to get aserver and upload your files there.You can also upload your file and then create a link to it, instead ofembeding it in the blog: Write - add file -upload. Then select the file and the blog will create a link to it.Tell me if you succeeded!Beijinhos,Fernanda."

Thank You, Fernanda! :)

Friday, 8 June 2007

1st experience with HotPot by Nelba

Hello, participants: well I have made my first exercise in Hot Potatoes. It is a cloze exercise. I tried to upload it to one of my blogs, but I could not. Well, you can upload it here- in blogger as a file, but the exercise is not interactive.
So, I asked for help to Ibrahim and Nina and they told me that you cannot upload a hotpot to a blog but to a website. Nina helped me doing this . I must confess it is not easy. If she had not helped me, I would not have been able to do.

Conclusion 1: Hot Potatoes exercises can only be uploaded to a website.
Nelba from Argentina

Friday, 1 June 2007


Here is the official site of HotPotatoes. ( Added to Links)

Here is it's Homepage and Downloads ( Added to Links)

Tutorials and Other Resources on Hot Potatoes 6 ( Added to Links)

One more tutorial is here (Nina's Hot Potatoes Exercises)