Wednesday, 13 June 2007

embedding or linking to?

Fernanda Rodrigues told me how to embed a Hot Potatoes exercise in motime blogs:

"Hi, Nelba.This is what I did:In the admin panel, I chose Write. Then in the menu icons I chose Source. I copied the code of my hotpot exercise. Attention: you have to remove the code before "tiltle" and in the end the 2 last lines: body htm . Then save it and preview. If it looks ok, publish it." (In order to publish this paragraph I had to change the code. If you want the right message
, contact me at:

"Anyway, I would say this is not practical. The best way is to get aserver and upload your files there.You can also upload your file and then create a link to it, instead ofembeding it in the blog: Write - add file -upload. Then select the file and the blog will create a link to it.Tell me if you succeeded!Beijinhos,Fernanda."

Thank You, Fernanda! :)

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