Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Presentation of the soft in Power Point

Hi, participants: I had a chat meeting with Nina and Ibrahim about Hot Potatoes.
He recommended this Power Point Presentation as an introduction to the topic.

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Nina Lyulkun said...

Dear Nelba,

Thank you very much for the creating this blog to learn and share ideas how Hot Potatoes works and could be used for teaching/learning English and other languages.

Nice to see the new background. It's definitely much better for reading.
Do you know how to switch on the comments to appear them in a pop-up window? It seems a bit better to post and read comments in another window, say more convenient, isn't it?

Besides, I can't contribute to the blog - post anything, because you haven't added me as a co-author to this blog. Go to Customise ==> Settings ==> Permission and then click on blue button Add authors. Add our email accounts. After that we'll be able to contribute like you do.

I guess that it would be nice if you switch the language of the blog to English rather than your native language. What do you think?

Settings ==> Formating ==> Language

The best,
Nina Lyulkun